Some great quotes in these last days of the campaign

First one of the more telling statements from Joe Biden:

Cruising conservative sites that link to Twitter (we don’t) here are some more erudite comments

Dan Bongino @dbongino
If Donald Trump wins again, despite -Twitter -Facebook -Google -The entire mainstream media -The deep staters in the intell community -The Hollywood hate machine -and the cancel culture libs, it’ll be the greatest political story ever told.

Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle
If Biden wins he’ll be one of the weakest presidents in U.S. history. Because he’s a puppet who owes his power to billionaires. If Trump wins, he will be a very strong President, because he will owe his power only to the people

Wolf Blitzer @wolfblitzer

I never thought I would see so many buildings here in the nation’s capital boarded-up on the eve of a presidential election in anticipation of possible unrest. And it’s not just in DC. It’s happening in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere around the country. So sad!

Donald Trump Jr. replies to Blitzer

You’re a clown. I never thought I’d see an entire main stream media complex lie so badly and pour so much fuel on fires to cause this type of unrest. You a-holes and your liberal agenda built that.
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Dan Crenshaw (responding)

US House candidate, TX-2
Trump’s chaos? Last I checked, businesses weren’t boarding up their windows because they were afraid of Trump supporters.

Dan Bongino @dbongino
There’s no doubt anymore. The Obama/Biden regime was, by far, the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. There isn’t even a close second. What they did to this country is disgusting, & it should serve as a troubling, cautionary tale.

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