It is not over

Regarding “stop the steal” efforts we pray are successful,  here is a collection of links to commentaries of note for the day.  We emphasize one report that the media will try to use to undermine any traction being gained by revelations of evidence of mass cheating by Trump lawyers Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, et al. Regarding any perception of the recently concluded “recount” in Georgia not changing any result, suffice it to say “garbage in, garbage counted” That is all they recounted, garbage, if no audit is undertaken to prove the integrity of the vote.  Of course Erick-Woods Erickson, a pain in the ass when he just used Erick Erickson, now 33% more so, serves to flummox key aspects to the legal process being undertaken by Trump attorneys. It is not over until it is over and we believe the Trump attorneys cannot be paid enough to sully themselves by issuing bad faith claims.

President Trump Campaign Fact-Checks the Fake News Media: Georgia Has Not Certified Biden’s Win

Stand Firm, Trump Voters

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid


The Hand Recount in Georgia Has Concluded. Where Does the Trump Campaign Go From Here?

Trump Campaign Lawyers: There Is a Pattern of Planned Voter Fraud in Multiple States


Sidney Powell: Trump Won in a Landslide and We’re Going to Prove It

Rep. Banks Plans to Provide ‘Conservative Counterprogamming’ to the Far-left Agenda as Republican Study Chair

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