DLH makes equally serious proposals in response to letters from Mitch

First off, in all seriousness, the GOP establishment in the Senate is going to have to make a choice –  Mitch McConnell or the hoards of Trump defenders.

Regarding McConnell’s email

Two possibilities here:

1) Mitch has snapped, and must be replaced as Minority Leader immediately (but not by “Mittens’ or “Sassy Ben”!)

2) This letter was actually sent out by Schumer!

Seriously…how about a Ben Sasse Testicle Festival?

And what about Sasse — Nebraska’s recently reelected senator…and another anti-Trump “Republican”:

His state is known for its “unique” festivals, in line with the State Motto, “Nebraska,Honestly, it’s not for everyone”. One of its most popular is one I would propose that Mr. Sasse be the “guest of honor” for…the annual “(Sasse) Testicle Festival”*, to continue to be held each year on Father’s Day. (Sasse was a GW Bush appointee to Health & Human Services. in 2007; isn’t that some weird s—“?)

(Nebraska’s other GOP senator, Deb Fischer voted to acquit Trump)


seriously…how about a Ben Sasse Testicle Festival?

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