Their country ’tis of thee

What’s this “sh-thole country” thing?

Wasn’t President Trump excoriated for using that term to describe countries in which abject poverty, rampant crime, corrupt government oppression is the ‘standard’?

Now, we are told that people are understandably fleeing from countries where poverty is all-pervasive, crime is rampant, and the people are oppressed by their corrupt governments. And, they are fleeing to the United States where the Government, for the political benefit of the ruling Democrat party, is ‘welcoming’…inviting, in fact, them to come.

“Come one, come all…” is the message of the “Biden-Harris administration”.

“Enjoy the benefits of America. free education, free health care, free child care, (hopefully) ‘universal income’, without necessity to work…”

The American taxpayer is, or soon will be, required to pay for all this free stuff because, after all, Americans are told, “these people are fleeing from crime, corruption, and oppression” in their home ‘sh-thole countries’…just don’t call them ‘sh-thole countries”!

Its not about the people, it is about their preparation, politics, ethics.  The law abiding we welcome from any country whatever their race or ethnicity as long as they adhere to our ideals and laws. Otherwise  world without borders has the same result as an unregulated landfill in every neighborhood.

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2 Responses to Their country ’tis of thee

  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    It makes sense. When some countries have wealth and security for their citizens and others do not, the “do nots” look like “sh*tholes”. Were the whole world to become a “sh*thole” there would then be no “sh*thole countries.

  2. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Makes my “Reverse Gerrymandering” essay relevant again.

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