Republicans need to put corporations in their place

This collection of articles we selected from today’s Townhall produced a combination of emotions ranging from the sad realization of the truth, anger, fear for our country but inspiration as well as to what Republicans can focus on in part to protect our republic, our culture.  Read these articles, it took but half an hour or less this morning. They are sobering and help provide part of an overall agenda for Republicans.  Corporate corruptions must be called to task and its influence on society.

Democrats’ Quest for Complete Control

Corporations Join the Election Law Debate and America Opposes them by Voting With Their Wallets

Chauvin: The Case Against the Mob

Jen Psaki Seems to Think White Evangelicals Are a Bunch of Uncultured Rednecks

Fascism Hasn’t Changed. Neither Has Its Pitchman.

Our Corporate Masters?

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Put an End to MLB’s Antitrust Exemption

The Coming Backlash

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