Biden plan: Government education proven incompetent so do more of same

  • Hey Joe! why don’t you call on the Teachers’ unions to provide 12 years of education? Instead of 12 years of ‘indoctrination’…
  • If the 12 already provided were useful, would not need two years of remedial education tacked on
  • Part of Biden’s “infrastructure plan” to build the infrastructure of government indoctrination
  • It’s not 14, it’s 16 years (most of Joe’s media can’t do math, “math is hard”) as he also calls for two years of “free” pre-school 
  • Government education industry feeling the pinch, parents pulling kids out

At The Daily Mail

Biden wants 14 years of education for ALL Americans and to extend child tax credits to 2025: President demands two more years of school so US can compete with the world in Illinois speech drawing hundreds of Trump protesters
President Joe Biden called for the education system to be expanded from 12 years to 14 years for all Americans

Focus of his trip was the education part of his ‘human’ infrastructure plan
‘We should have a minimum of 14 years of education,’ the president said, ‘without spending a cent’

Biden visited McHenry County College in Crystal Lake

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