Chuck Grassley has helped make Joe Manchin the man of the hour

  • Chuck Grassley has disappointed, to say the least
  • The big question now is which one is more dependable and to which Party, Grassley or Manchin (see links)

Chuck has done his work, easily rolling over (along with the rest of the Iowa delegation) for an election with more corruption than you can shake a stick at for the weakest constitutional and historic analysis, heralding in the most corrupt and anti-constitutional administration in history.  Grassley compounded that by repeating calumnies about January 6th, which in reality was an overwhelmingly peaceful protest with what any balanced interpreter of American history would attest was a relative kerfuffle but for the killing of an unarmed diminutive woman by a policeman.  The continued persecution of any overwrought participants is a crime in itself, and appears to be an attempt at coverup of revelations of the presence of not only leftist agitators but even law enforcement provocateurs.  

And Chuck Grassley is there to lecture and save us from it all, except not

Having helped pass the largely boondoggle laden leftist precursor 1.5 trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill against the better judgment of the great majority of his betters in the Republican Senate caucus who actually understood what the Democrats were up to because the Democrats told everyone — pass this to pave the way for the communist revolution encompassed in the 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package that only needs 50 votes in the Senate — Chuck exclaimed “regular order” as if voting AGAINST something also was consistent with regular order.

But hey, wave some bridge improvements (not repair, improvements), grease the away for more green energy (shortsightedly for his way of thinking to the detriment of Queen Ethanol) some other executive lobbying group support (the usual suspects in pursuit of  concentrated gain for diffuse pain to others in the form of taxes, inflation and forgone better spending) and Chuck is on board helping to steer.  Of course the real bricks, steal, concrete and asphalt improvements would come anyway with an authentic infrastructure bill but Chuck chose to get all righteous defending “regular order” among swamp dwellers with all the integrity of alligators.   Give it upChuck.

Chuck Grassley (along with the rest of the Iowa delegation) having decided that the Constitution mandates validation of corrupted elections without delay, Grassley greased the way for the communist manifesto reconciliation bill perhaps because he thought all his “regular order” nostrums would  not hazard the Republic. The ship mates “colleagues”  this former yeoman helmsman in the Senate is subjecting the country to are not merely drunken sailors, as the saying goes, with reference to any application to Democrats, an insult to drunken sailors everywhere.  They are soberly intent on upending this country. They mean business.  They will attempt to plow through the icebergs and Chuck is content to stand aside on the steering deck mumbling “regular order”.

Maybe there will be some one-day heroes in this, perhaps better said to be useful idiots for actual good,  at least as regards the 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation bill, at least to mitigate it.  Chuck Grassley cannot be construed to being one of them having set the stage for the opportunity for a speedy cataclysm. One or two Democrats might delay the process long enough for the 2022 midterms.  Perhaps it is not a useless prayer to pray for Joe Machin and Kyrsten Sinema to actually do the right thing, maybe even for the right reasons.    R Mall

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