What to expect from SCOTUS hearing en re Mississippi abortion law:

Seven months of anxiety from the pro-life side for one thing, although there is optimism based on interpretations of the oral arguments, and a reading of other tea leaves. 

Seven months of POSturing  and agitating by the demonic abortion lovers, although there are reports of a level of resignation including that their side did not do well at the bar.

We, having been disappointed numerous times by the likes of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett and largely disgusted by Roberts, cannot predict the deserving total demise of the abortion license created by force of will of seven justices in 1973. But we pray for it.

Roe and its companion case Doe removed any meaningful protection for the right to life of unborn babies until the moment of birth, creating against the judgement of generations and inimical to any semblance of constitutional jurisprudence, the most wide open abortion license in the western world.  It sustained an ethos of the expendability of innocent human life of infants born alive after an abortion attempt and fed the notion that the right to life was dependent on the feelings of others.

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