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  • I have been to three Trump rallies, driven hours for two of them and believe the 2020 election was essentially stolen from us and that justice needs to be pursued. I attend the rally’s because I like Trump, would vote for him in a heartbeat if he is the Republican nominee in 2024 but especially because I like the vibe of the people, and the message THEY send along with showing support for Trump’s general policy performance.
  • But Mr. President for gosh sakes learn to stifle yourself for your own good and ours
  • This has never been all about you, don’t act like it, show some humility, the little appreciation you show comes off as gratuitous as you revert back to “I”, (however fulsome you are at it you are not as bad as Obama or Biden) 
  • Acting presidential does not mean letting people beat up on you but it also does not mean picking fights with allies
  • The dig at DeSantis in Pennsylvania was not funny or clever, certainly not necessary
  • So DeSantis endorsed O’Dea in Colorado who is not a fan of yours
  • It was political malpractice for you to tell Republicans not to support O’Dea in the general against a Democrat with the Senate majority so close
  • Who do you think you are, Mitch McConnell subverting Republicans?
  • Hell you endorsed Romney Oz and Kevin McCarthy and your hires have often been far from stellar.
  • Why make it harder for people to defend you with people who could be enticed to support your policies?  
  • We don’t need unnecessary drama, or enervating diversions defending your unproductive trashtalk and ill-considered quips or comparisons
  • Schlichter’s List

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