Turning blue registrants into red voters

Regarding Scott County 

Regarding the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI)

In party registration this is a blue county in a red state but there are almost traditionally some county wide offices that are held by Republicans — Sheriff – Treasurer – most of the Supervisor seats. State leg — not so much. Statewide depends on the candidate/office.

For Davenport, city office is largely a Dem lock but other municipalities in the county not so much. Federal voting tends to blue (Trump lost here) except for Grassley.

The Republican wins at the state and federal level are in spite of the national and local media (Fox affiliates are just another pack journalism outlet) promulgating Democrat themes, or not honestly covering news that is counter their  liberal progressive bent, the QCTimes being the most biased. Thank God for alternate media and talk radio.

But if the induced economic situation (Democrats in charge) the vestiges of culture including law and order, national sovereignty, the goodness of life and the ignoble nature of procured abortion, the Bill of Rights under assault in so many ways. . . if those sentiments have the inherent strength we pray for, an instinctive impact, countering the culturally regressive (so-called progressive) Democrat party, this ought to be a thorough  reset election in tune with what we are hearing predicting rejection of Democrats in even more bluish enclaves.

The prayed for red wave may well happen here although the Republican fight “inspired” by the RPI has been too much one of conceding ground, taking punches without response, lackluster messaging early on that failed to inoculate – as if people make up their minds only in the final weeks.  The RPI from what I have been able to observe has failed to take it to the enemy using global messaging benefitting all Republicans.

Many hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions)  have been expended controlled by the RPI  that were narrowly and we would maintain rather blandly focused on individual races when theater neutron (leave the buildings standing) “bombs” were called for due to Democrats own bent of totally destroying the American (Iowan) way of life. Media messaging (“neutron bombs”) that destroy the enemy en mass leaving Republicans standing if for no better reason than being a Republican and not having the poor judgement of being a Democrat.

Things are so bad — the economy, the border, foreign policy, energy, culture, crime  it ought to be enough for the candidates to say I am a Republican, my opponent so and so is not and is a member of a party mainly responsible for all of the aforementioned problems.  Instead we get the equivalent of “I’m a good person”  but weakly or rarely pointing out to people how bad the Dems are.  The individual Republican races that are exceptions to this should not have been exceptions although they are helpful because their media has some overlapping effect (note our previous comments about Gov. Reynolds’ campaign).

There should have been more of a hard-hitting generic campaign on behalf of Republicans — a rising tide carrying all boats . Hopefully, and there are signs to that effect, we will still have a good night tonight nationally if honestly counted in key states.

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