Red Wave Election in Iowa and Scott County

  • National perspective still being determined.  
  • More on various races in later posts 
  • Democrats relied on abortion to carry the day and underperformed 
  • Key state legislature races in Scott County where Democrats hoped abortion would be the undertow only saw them go down the drain.

In regards to abortion look at State Senate District 47 where Mary Kathleen Figaro championed unfettered abortion. Attack ads were also run by others against pro-life Republican Webster for being pro-life. Even Republicans received single issue mass mailers by Figaro promoting  her pro-abortion position. The Democrat party, the party of abortion,  in that Republican leaning district would be expected to lose with 45.7 % imputed.  Figaro underperformed receiving less than 43.7 % of the vote.  “Pro-choice” — where is thy sting.  Pro-life prevails.  It is never all, but it is a net plus issue.

Even more dramatic an underperformer was the Cooper character in State Legislative district 81. Democrats by registration had an overwhelming advantage such that the RPI ignored the race.  But long time prominant right to life activist Luana Stotenberg threw her hat in the ring, not willing to concede a race to a pro-abortion party.  She appears to have won the race by about 30 votes.  Hers was a phenomenal performance and ought to have repercussions at RPI.

More on these and other local state and national races in coming posts.   Congratulations Iowa Republican voters!!

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