What do McCarthy’s supporters oppose about the concessions McCarthy’s opponents demand?

  • The spotlight needs to be on individual congressman in each of their districts as to why they want business largely as usual — because without more reforms that is what it will be.
  • Why are McCarthy and his 200 supporters holding out against reforms supported by the Republican base
  • Who are the terrorists against the considered opinion of the Republican base?

It seems to us that the Republican base in general supports the various reforms that the “Terrorist”** twenty demand of Kevin McCarthy in order to garner their support for his quest to be speaker.  McCarthy has acceded to some we are told, but why not all of them as they all seem reasonable?  He could have the Speakership promptly if he did.  What powers are so important to the swamp?

Perhaps the key relates to omni-bus bills and spending disciplined, the budgeting process prepared in time, not laden with pork and always the  bums rush to pass lest “government be shut down”

Instead of the twenty being made to look like a fringe of the party for holding out for more needed reforms, the 200 supporting McCarthy without those reforms need to be spotlighted in each of their districts. That includes Iowa’s Republican delegation. Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, Hinson, Congressman-elect Nunn who seem secretly for porkulas bill processes.  Why do they oppose the reforms the twenty demand? If they are for the reforms then why are THEY not encouraging McCarthy to adopt them? The imbroglio could end quickly but for them.  Who are the terrorists against considered opinion of the republican base?

**The shibboleth dropped by congressman Dan Crenshaw in his denunciation of those who are holding fast in their opposition to McCarthy as Speaker.  Once thought to be an insurgent, Crenshaw has for some time cast himself as the iconoclast “the good reasonable big-government establishment guy” a.k.a. hit man against conservatives.  Thus he has been aptly named “McCain with an eyepatch”.

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