The Give Us Barabbas (business as usual) Republicans

Now we are not saying a person acceptable to the 20 House members holding up confirmation of Kevin McCarthy, or outright opposing his speakership, is the Jesus factor.  However given many of the 200 Republican’s supporting McCarthy and their demonstrated unprincipled behavior it is as appropriate to refer to their clamoring for “moving on” with McCarthy without further reforms to the body politic in the House as the  give us Barabbas  – business as usual – crowd. And besides they started it with their insurrectionist/terrorist/mutineers/idiots/saboteurs pitchfork bellowing.

Dear Fox and other Conservative Inc. corporate shills trying to do a number on The Twenty:

Instead of spotlighting the 20 try some real reporting and spotlight the 200 and why they are not telling McCarthy to accept the reforms that the Republican base wants to see happen — especially ending the pork laden indefensible 2000 + spending bills that they all get to say tsk tsk about as they vote for them unread except for the dogeared pages of the earmarks they got in the belief that the bacon is what it is all about however wasteful.

If McCarthy would accede to the needed reforms he is holding out on he could be speaker on the next vote.

Again, why are so many Republicans opposing the needed reforms the base wants? That ought to be the debate. It is the wrong question to taunt the 20 with identifying who they want, any of the 20 would be better than McCarthy. The better question is why so many conservatives are betraying the base for essentially business as usual.

Then there is the misplaced loyalty (I bought you) BS hurled at The Twenty that McCarthy spent millions to help they and other republicans get elected  1) it was not McCarthy’s money and he was spending largely on the nominees of the party 2) The “tradition” of giving so much money to one guy to parcel out on the presumption that the recipients will be loyal to McCarthy, who will be loyal to the mega donors is corrupt. Did the recipients swear allegiance to McCarthy or the Constitution? Perhaps too many of the 200 swore themselves to McCarthy and business as usual.

Roger Stone while not my favorite Republican strategist over the years made this comment at Infowars: – “Any Support Kevin McCarthy Has in House Is ‘Bought and Paid For’‘. Few have as much experience with Rinos and the establishment beltway types as Stone having been a creature of the swamp plying the crevices for decades.

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