“Platform Republican” appointed to replace Nebraska’s Sasse in U.S. Senate

Phrase “Platform Republican”  ought to be a rallying cry

Ben Sasse resigning from the U.S. Senate with his replacement being a conservative former governor is a good thing. As Senator “pain-in-the-Sasse” Sasse is such a prickly character he is better off in academia where his smarter-than-though pretense of intellectual superiority might have more cashe`.  Or not, but that is his and the University of Florida’s problem. In fairness Sasse had merits but when the opportunity arrises there is no need to be half-Sasse about his replacement.

This Daily Caller report yesterday about the two-year appointment of Ricketts of the four remaining in Sasse’s term (a new election for the remaining two years will be set) is fine as far as it goes but most non-Nebraskans are unaware as to what the appointment of former Governor Ricketts means ideologically. Nebraska has done worse than Sasse but now it has done better

Former Governor Appointed To Replace Sen. Ben Sasse

Not all Republicans are the same (witness retiring Sasse).  The two links below flesh out where Ricketrts can presumed to be. We took particular delight in hearing of Ricketts in a primary battle for governor establishing himself as a “Platform Republican” – which are consistently conservative around the country.  Ricketts stated positions and record as governor were consistent with that adopted moniker.

Ballotpedia — Pete Ricketts

Wikipedia – Pete Ricketts

We think the phrase Platform Republican properly invokes what ought to be a standard for Republicans seeking office, re-election.

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