Big Brother’s DNA is all over Data Base and Surveillance Regimes

An article by Scott Morefield writing at Townhall drew our appreciation this morning.  Read his comments regarding the civil liberties dangers surrounding efforts to catch a serial killer.

The Idaho Suspect, DNA, And Why Ann Coulter Misses the Mark On Crime And Civil Liberty

We applaud Scott’s comments about the surveillance state and also as regards the inferences about the dangers of companies being required to or volunteering to treat your DNA like their property or the governments in submitting it to dragnet warrants.

If there are 10 or 100 geneology database companies does the government get to blanket them all with warrants on the pretext of catching a killer? Everybody gets searched to find a lead or establish evidence? Then why shouldn’t every medical facility in a given area or nationwide be subject to the dragnet? And with all that information in hand who thinks the government won’t establish their own database? I mean after all if it saves one person or family from the serial killer killing again isn’t it worth it?

Truth is the most prolific killer is the state and one of their key tools is surveillance and secret information. Now they don’t always kill with guns they often don white coats and claim public health emergency or the greater good (in their jaundiced view). The view of Coulter and big-government types is ~~ we have this tool and we must use it ~~. It is their relentless logic and justification. It is also the logic of death of freedom by government.

Coulter has become a proponent of it. She has become afraid of shadows and willing to do anything to avoid them to be safe from them. How pathetic. Our advice to Coulter is to carry a gun if she is so afraid and leave the DNA of any actual murderous perp where they stand.

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